Due to rapidly rising prices for gas and oil and the need to secure the supply of raw materials, the subject of energy supply has taken on a whole new urgency. Now, more than ever, the promotion of sustainable energy generation, the reduction of consumption in buildings and the expansion of electro-mobility are central building blocks on the way to achieving the energy turn-around objectives set by the EU.

Concepts for the networked and intelligent city of the future – the smart city – already exist. At its heart is the safe and efficient networking of people, places and infrastructures. Since space in cities is limited, it must be used optimally. However, the basis for smart cities and consequently an efficient and secure energy supply is the electrification and digitalisation of the infrastructure. Once this step has been achieved, the economic use of wind and sun as sustainable energy sources (smart grids) and the coupling of sectors are possible.

Key factor is innovation — Technological developments and innovations enable completely new approaches to solutions that are now absolutely topical for politics and society. The invention of the lithium-ion battery was decisive for the development of sustainable electromobility.

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