The Mater hospital, a centre of excellence for cardiac care and one of Ireland’s leading private cancer centres located in North Dublin recently underwent a retrofit of ROBUS fittings. When upgrading their lighting system, they took advantage of our leading smart commercial technology and installed ROBUS LINX. ROBUS LINX is a self-healing, smart lighting control system designed to automate your lighting. Using a range of LINX smart drivers, controllers, and power monitors in combination with a ‘zigbee’ wireless self-healing mesh the ROBUS LINX system was successfully installed.

View a short video walking through the application of ROBUS LINX in St Bridget’s Ward at the Mater Private hospital. 


Central to The Mater Hospitals’ needs was a low-key and easy to use solution that preserved energy and allowed them to manage lighting with no input but would still allow manual control if desired. The Mater hospital took advantage of this with the LINX system which offers improved energy savings, simple installation, ease of access and control while ensuring their system was future proofed and set up to grow as they do.

LINX in action

LINX integrates motion sensors to activate and deactivate lighting automatically while photocells are used to adapt the light levels throughout the day based on the ambient light level detected for even greater energy savings. The Mater Hospital were able to utilise the scheduling function which scheduled lighting scenarios to automatically control light level and ensure hospital staff could focus on their work while LINX takes care of the lighting

Using the LINX software, the Mater Hospital staff can easily monitor the current operating status and total operating time. Together with a layout map of the installation area imported into the software LINX provides an intuitive platform to support urgent or planned maintenance.

LINX energy savings

Key to The Mater hospital was the need to demonstrate the level of energy savings it was achieving using LINX. The system measures the energy consumed and provides an array of energy analytics showing cost and energy savings along with reduction in carbon footprint. Simple filters enable the user to easily customise the displayed graphics by area, device type and date.



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