CIBSE colour logo (CMYK)Two new CIBSE lighting guides are now available.

One is LG22 – Lighting for control rooms (2022). Control rooms can be complex, having many operators with their often extensive arrangement of screens around them and perhaps large overview screens on walls in front of them. Many rooms operate 24 hours a day, some monitoring and controlling safety-critical operations. For these reasons establishing the geometry between operators, their screens, larger remote room displays, and the lighting and any windows is crucial.

Meanwhile, LG9 is the third edition of SLL Lighting Guide 9: Lighting for communal residential buildings. It includes detail of new types of multiple-occupancy building, the latest findings on the effect of lighting on wellbeing, and advice on how to minimise obtrusive light from external lighting. All sections have been updated to reflect the switch to LED light sources.

See pdf of full story at CIBSE Lighting Guides

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