Designing future-proofed sports lighting


The Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) recently published the revised Lighting Guide LG4: Sports Lighting. The Chair and author was Mike Simpson Global Application Lead, Signify. Here he outlines the background to the new guide and explains some of the rationale behind the contents.

LG4 has been the long-standing SLL guide to sports lighting and reflects current trends, both in terms of the sports themselves and lighting techniques. Since the last guide was published, we have seen the growth in participation at an amateur level, new sports becoming popular, and greater coverage from broadcasters.

We have also seen a technological revolution in lighting with the switch to LED and the demise of traditional light sources. In 2018, EN12193 – the European standard for sports lighting – was published.

Our task group included authors from that work to ensure harmonisation. All of these have driven the updates to the latest edition of LG4. The guide covers specific individual sports as well as other playing and recreational areas, taking into account a number of different factors.

See PDF of full article at SLL Guide LG4 for sports lighting

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